Chiemgau Karte | Ruhpolding & Inzell (English)

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We gladly accept the Chiemgau Karte | Ruhpolding & Inzell!
You have the Chiemgau Karte and want to play a tennis match? If a court is free and not reserved please go ahead!

Please be aware that on some weekends in the months May, June, and July, all courts are reserved for team match events. For exact dates please refer to the information board near the entrance of the tennis chalet. If a team plays at home, the event is marked with „H“ for „Heimspiel“, otherwise you can see an „A“ for „Auswärtsspiel“.

For more information on Chiemgau Karte | Ruhpolding & Inzell please click here.

Please make sure to wear tennis shoes.

If you do not have the Chiemgau Karte | Ruhpolding & Inzell plus
The rental fee for a court for 1 hr is 10 €. Any club member present on the premise will gladly accept your payment. Please cash only!